Adam Loeber’s Family- Adam Loeber and Mary Loeber – Chicago / California / Tulsa

March 21 2014 Chicago motor car dealer Adam Loeber has a happy and healthy family life. As a child, his parents Carole and Michael were doting parents who took great care of him and made sure he was happy and healthy. Today, his parents live in their home city of Glenview Illinois, where Adam’s sister Julie takes care of them. Adam continues to see to his family regularly, often visiting for every Shabbat Friday night dinner.

Adam met his wife, Mary Loeber, in college 1993 from a mutual friend Adam Schnitzer from Tulsa. They became fast friends and started dating soon after they met. Wanting to focus on their education, however, they only married after graduation in California so that they could concentrate on getting their careers started. Adam has had quote “an affinity” for selling new and used Mercedes, Porsche and BMWs since he was 18. They have been happily married now for over 15 years.

Adam has four kids with Mary Loeber. His two sons, Paul and David, and two daughters, Lindsay and Patricia. His oldest, Paul, is 15, while his youngest, Patricia, is only 5 years old. Adam makes sure to spend as much time as possible with his wife and children. They attend temple every Friday night are active in their Temple’s activities. Adam’s family loves to go to hike along the shores of the Great Lakes, as well as to the Adirondacks and collect jewelry.

Adam hopes to provide the best future for his children and be the best father. His sons, Paul and David, are both interested in attending Berkley University, and he his next oldest Patricia attends junior French class on the weekends at Alliance Française de Chicago.

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